Wall Decals for a Personalized Living Room

My sister and her family are going on a European holiday and she left me behind to be her house keeper, as in literally, keeping the house while they are away. I am surprise her and her kids by transforming the look of their living room with wall decals.

I am the expressionist in the family and I always like to personalize things. I practically enjoy getting my hands dirty with paint. I painted my apartment, saved the money I would have paid for a painter and bought myself same cool kitchen gadgets. I planned on transforming their white walls in the living room into something cool and creative. I’m choosing between a black and white or some splash of color.

They’ve got lots of dark wood furniture and I the first option would easily blend in. But then, I think the room could also use some color and some cherry blossoms will do fine. Needless to say, they will enjoy the new look for their living room.