Gifts for Grandparents

I encourage my children to give their grandparents gifts on special occasions. I do not just buy the gifts and ask them to give to their grandparents. I ask them to pick the gifts themselves. I do it this way because I want them to get to know their grandparents better and really show their affection to them through their gifts.

For my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, I bugged them into buying a gift for their grandparents already. They told me that they already got it covered. I didn’t believe them as I didn’t see them come home with a gift or anything.

Just the same, I kept my doubts to myself. Then came the big day. We were all surprised when they took out the projector and played a compilation of all of my parent’s pictures since their younger years. Everybody present were teary eyed. I am so proud at my children and at how they show appreciation and love to my parents.